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TCP/IP Network Configuration Information

Here are the important numbers for configuring your computer for our local TCP/IP network at Vassar College.

If your computer is configured to use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, or "get IP address automatically" on Windows) then these should all be set for you automatically. If you don't use DHCP then you will have to use this information to configure manually.

After network partitioning in January 2004 the department of Physics and Astronomy have the sub-network 143.229.45.yyy and the gateway and netmask have been changed accordingly.

Try to pick a name that conforms to RFC 1178.
IP Address:
The third number is "45" for Physics and Astrononmy. Other departments should use their own sub-net number, which is different for different buildings (ask CIS).
This indicates a "Class C" network.
Gateway (Router):
The third number is "45" for Physics and Astrononmy, ie. Other departments need to use their own department subnet gateway.
On Unix, add these to the file /etc/resolv.conf
NTP time servers:
On Unix, add these to /etc/ntp.conf
WINS servers:
Only used on M$ Windows.

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